Our Mission

#Eliminate the unnecessary suffering

Most of us love a nice drink – it’s relaxing, a social lubricant, it tastes good (usually), and it’s fun. But it isn’t always good for us, especially if we have too much. Everyone hates a hangover, and most of us would be a fair chunk of cash to get rid of a full day of suffering. But it doesn’t have to be that way, we’ve found a solution.

A couple years ago, we tried DHM for the first time. We sampled and tested DHM from several different companies and noticed huge differences amongst them – some were less potent, some were worse quality, others worked okay. We researched and discovered it was difficult to find high quality DHM and even though many companies claimed pure DHM, the quality varied widely.

Once we found quality DHM, it worked every time – prevented a hangover every time we had more than a few drinks.  It was reliable.  It also protected our livers from the damage of excessive alcohol use – the Chinese have used it for hundreds of years!

Our mission at The Hangover Shop is to provide the highest quality product and service to eliminate the unnecessary suffering caused by hangovers. Sure, hangovers suck for a reason – to prevent us from drinking too much. The BigHead Hangover Pill works to not only help you body process the alcohol better, but to prevent the nasty hangover the next day. Please drink responsibly!

We’re so confident in our claims, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee if it doesn’t work for you. If it works, tell a friend and leave us a review. If it doesn’t, we’ll give a hassle free refund. Order risk free. Have any questions, contact us, we’re glad to help.

We believe that just like every home has pain killers in the medicine cabinet for when you have a headache or body ache, every home should have the BigHead Pill for anytime a party goes a bit over the top or you come back home after a few too many drinks.  Let the DHM help your body process the alcohol and wake up feeling fine the next day so you can make the most of the day.  Avoid the nausea, headache, brain fog, upset stomach, and fatigue.

It is our mission to help alleviate all the unnecessary suffering from drinking a bit too much alcohol. Drink responsibly, but when you do overdo it, use The Hangover Shop.

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