Life changing. Life enhancing. Get it!

I am a 29 year old, half-Asian/Caucasian male, 175 lbs, and live a fairly active life style. In preparation of a rowdy wedding weekend, I purchased some DHM in hopes the reviews would live up to the hype.

We managed to mix every alcohol you are never supposed to mix together. After the raucous evening came to its conclusion, I chugged a 16 oz bottle of water and popped in two of these guys before bed. Armed with the knowledge of prior evenings without DHM, I prepared myself for the inevitable head breaking hangover of tomorrow. Instead, I awoke the next morning to quite an amazing surprise. The crippling hangover was tamed to a minor headache, a slight stomach ache, and of course dehydration.

What should have rendered me immobile for the day behind drawn curtains, copious amounts of Gatorade bottles, and high dosages of Advil was neutralized. I was able to go watch my friends get married and continue the party at their reception.  Now DHM is a mainstay for any night you want to drink above socially acceptable norms.